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We develop tailored content strategies to resonate deep into the core of your audience. Whether it’s B2C or B2B, we focus on authentic storytelling shorts & feature documentaries to forge deeper connections with an audience. By acknowledging the need for multi-channel marketing at the pre-production stage, we are able to streamline production to efficiently deliver effective content for multiple media platforms.

Shortmovie: NO 43

'N0 43' is a spontaneous unscripted mood short. It arose out of testing a new lens and the itch to create.

Cast: Aya Hayati & Nick Zimmermann

Directed & Shot by: Andrew Campbell & Nick Zimmermann

Editing & Colorcorrection: Nick Zimmermann

Music by Volor Flex

Moodshort: Kejawen

A short modern day interpretation of Kejawen - The juxtaposition of Islamic doctrine and Javanese cultural rooted in Hinduism and Buddhism. A modern girl found in her most vulnerable state finds solitude within nature and rediscovering her cultural roots.

Cast: Sonny Sun

Directed & Shot by: Andrew Campbell

Editing & Colorcorrection: Andrew Campbell

Music by Waldeck - This isn't maybe (Mark's Underlevel Dub)

Event Coverage: Sacred Theatre

Directed by: Andrew Campbell

Executive producer: Alex Joy

Cinematography: Maka

Written by: Penny Joy

Narrated by: Kartika Kepper

Technical Supervisor: Nick Zimmermann

Timelaps: Busy Workers in Hong Kong

A Honk Kong construction site. Recorded during a rainy afternoon.

Filmed by: Nick Zimmermann

Music by: Void Pedal

Documentary: Pak Heru


This a great example of using a documentary as part of a marketing strategy.

The brand to be marketed is a soon to be build alternative healing retreat in Bali. Pak Heru will be a key figure within that retreat. Instead of only directly marketing the retreat we create a story around this key figure, Pak Heru, who is a healer from Jakarta that applies a healing technique developed by the Shaolin monks. We follow him around on his journey from a former clinic in Sukabumi to Bali, portray him as a person who is dedicated to heal people and mix in a number of patient stories and their successful recovery.

The end result will be an interesting stand alone documentary that will be distributed among various fitting media outlets. The people that it will be drawn to watch it will no doubt be potential guests of the retreat.

Together with an outreach program that uses strategically placed short versions of the documentary into blog articles to generate leads we will nurture these leads through the funnel until become sales qualified leads that can be directed to the retreats sales outlets.

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